Lab Notes

Hopefully not to sound too much like one of those Star Trek geeks, but the venerable Doctor McCoy would often spout off in a pique of fury when confronted with an unfamiliar task, saying something like:

“I’m a doctor, not an engineer, or bridge builder, or well, you get the idea.”

So in the words of the sadly deceased Doctor, I would like to say:

“I’m an artist, not a web developer!”

And it is in that spirit that I’m embarking on my new blog, The Lab, by jumping headfirst into the WordPress pool. It’s not exactly a sink or swim proposition. WordPress seems suspiciously friendly and easy to use. And yet as I come up for air after the initial plunge to the bottom and start floating around, bobbing up and down through an endless tide of windows, options, plug-ins and googles, inevitably things will float past that I don’t like and will want to fix or change. So my dear readers, that is my metaphorical attempt at telling all of you that The Lab is a work in progress.

Get to know Bentley the Bee

Bentley the Bee knows that government big-wigs, muckety-mucks, lobbyists and assorted fat-cats have large and imposing portraits hanging in the hallowed hallways, conference rooms, chambers and public spaces all over the nation’s capital–all painted at taxpayer expense, typical government boondoggle! This wasteful display inspired him to paint his own self-portrait.??